ICECO fish takes part in the SEAFOOD Expo Global 2019 Exhibition


On May 7-9, “ICECO fish“, UAB participated in the annual exposition “SEAFOOD Expo Global 2019“ in Brussels, Belgium. The exposition was held for the 27th time and is one of the world's largest international seafood fair, where seafood and fish producers meet. This year more than 29,200 buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood professionals from 155 countries attended the fair. This year’s exposition broke records with 2,020 exhibiting companies, presenting their newest seafood products, services, processing and packaging equipment. As in previous years,  “ICECO fish“, UAB is pleased to present its wide range of salmon and herring products, to get acquainted with the latest seafood and fish product trends, to establish new relations with foreign partners, which will help “ICECO fish“ products to reach even more European trade networks.

ICECO fish takes part in the SIAL Paris 2018 Exhibition


“ICECO fish“, UAB strives to show the world its wide range of salmon and herring products and participated in the international food exhibition “SIAL Paris 2018“ on October 21-25 in Paris, France. This exhibition is named as the world's largest food innovation exhibition. Over 7,200 people from the food industry participated in the “SIAL Paris 2018“ exhibition, with over 310,000 industry representatives from all over the world. “SIAL Paris“ is a unique place offering tastes from all around the world, suitable for both long-established businesses and young start-ups of the food industry. This year's exhibition focused on the phrase 'Taste - True - Meaning' depicting trends for the food industry of the future. “SIAL Paris 2018“ provided the opportunity to present an exclusive study of “Food 360“, which revealed trends in food consumption, rising products, and changes in the food value chain. “ICECO fish“, UAB returned from the exhibition with useful knowledge and innovative ideas and established new contacts with foreign representatives.

ICECO fish takes part in the SEAFOOD Expo Global 2018 Exhibition


“ICECO fish”, UAB attended the SEAFOOD Expo Global 2018, the world’s largest global fish and seafood trade exposition, which took place on 24-26 April in Brussels, Belgium. It was a meeting ground for companies from more than 140 countries and an opportunity to present their products or services. Seafood Expo Global is an excellent chance to present their fish and seafood products to potential foreign trade partners and learn about the latest trends and changes on the seafood market. “ICECO fish”, UAB took this opportunity and was happy to have an occasion to make many new contacts with foreign partners, who already highly value the company’s produce that is sold by the largest trade networks in the Western Europe.

ICECO fish takes part in the SEAFOOD Expo Global 2017 Exhibition


On April 25-27, "ICECO fish", UAB participated in the SEAFOOD Expo Global 2017, the world's largest international fish and seafood products exhibition that took place in Brussels (Belgium). This large-scale fair is a meeting ground and exposition of products and services of the companies from more than 140 countries. Seafood Expo Global event is an excellent opportunity to present fish products to the potential foreign partners and to recap all seafood market trends and changes in one place. "ICECO fish", UAB presented a wide range of its salmon and herring products, which was well-received by the Western European retail trade networks and large foreign distributors. The company’s director, Darius Grubys, had a very positive impression of the Seafood Expo Global 2017. "ICECO fish", UAB  is becoming a better visible and internationally recognizable fish processing company from Eastern Europe. This is manifested by the contacts made with the new foreign partners, which highly evaluated the fact that the products manufactured at the company’s factory are already circulating in the largest Western European retail chains,” emphasized he. The „Seafood Excellence Global“ awards for the best-tasting and most sensational fish products are also part of this event. This year’s finalist of the prestigious industry competition was marinated ZIGMAS Bismarck herring with cranberries produced by "ICECO fish", UAB. The product was recognized for its great taste and ergonomic packaging (more about the product read here:

ZIGMAS trademark receives award in the BRAND OF THE YEAR 2017 contest

We are happy to share the news that thanks to the common efforts of the big team of „ICECO fish“, UAB, ZIGMAS trademark received an award in the BRAND OF THE YEAR 2017, an annual contest organised by „Verslo Žinios“.

We were awarded for an „IMPRESSIVE BRAND COMEBACK“ and systematic work, as a result of which ZIGMAS is now among the best known and favourite brands in Lithuania.

It is noteworthy to mention that the brands are selected for the awards through the extensive overview of data (growth of sales, development of the market share, consumer opinion, etc.), thus, they do not enter the contest at own initiative, but are selected and nominated by an authoritative commission. Thousands of brands existing on the Lithuanian market are competing to be called the best.

This award demonstrates that we produce top quality highly demanded fish products, which are united under everyone’s favourite ZIGMAS brand.

For several consecutive years this competition has been organised by „Nielsen“, one of the world’s largest market research firms, and „Verslo Žinios“, the business news portal and daily newspaper.